Tips for fellow Road Warriors

I’m on the road several times a month for coaching, speaking engagements and consulting. I’m a regular at most airports in the North and Southeast. Here’s some tips from my travels: Try to enjoy yourself. Being on the road can be a bore if you focus on the hassles but isn’t so bad if you(…)

Being vs Saying you’re the Best

The only way to prove your the best is to show it not say it. In this day of fast media and internet sensationalism, ANYONE can say they’re the best. And they do. In my niche business market, we’ve had 3 of our local competitors copy or tag line almost verbatim since we introduced it.(…)

Flight to Vegas

I recently took a business trip to Las Vegas. I’ve gone there at least once a year for the past 8 years. I’ve left from cities all over the U.S. and the scene on the departing flight is the same every time. Everyone’s happy. Everyone’s hamming it up with their seat mate whether they knew(…)

Business Milestones

We recently hit our 100th paying client at Athletic Lab. Growth is good. And while we’ve had big ups and downs the overall trend is decidedly upwards. We did it 5 weeks before our 2nd year in business. While we actually have around 140 people training regularly at Athletic Lab, a handful come from professional teams(…)

For the Entrepreneurs

My business partner recently sent me this article he found on the net. I found it was relevant to this blog since it has an entrepreneurial slant. THERE ARE TWO KINDS OF PEOPLE IN THE WORLD You’ve either started a company or you haven’t. ”Started” doesn’t mean joining as an early employee, or investing or advising or(…)


For the past 15+ years of my life I’ve lived practically invincible. I drive too fast. I LOVE food and eat too much (~5-8,000 calories / day). I sleep too little (5-6 hrs / night). I work too much (currently about 80 hrs / week and never less than 60 over that time span). I(…)

Blessing as a curse

Today, as I walked out the door to head in to work, my wife asked me why I never take a day off. That’s a good question. I’ve gotten to the point where 6 hour work days feel like a day off. I’m not sure if that’s good or not. Perhaps good as an entrepreneur(…)

Getting Better

My training center has been open for almost 18 months now and even though that’s a relatively short period of time I look back on how we did things just a couple months and laugh. We’ve learned SOOO much in our relatively short time existence. In fact I think one of the biggest keys to(…)


Between running my local business and doing off-site speaking and consulting engagements, I’ve been averaging in excess of 70 hours of work a week for over a year. Depending on how you count my work trips, that number could quite easily have a couple peak weeks at 90+ hours. I’ve had only one true (full(…)

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